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Petrophysics Consultant


Director - Kevin Corrigan

Corrigan Petrophysics Limited was established in 2016 in readiness for the technical needs of the oil and gas industry, as it looked to recover from the drastic fall in oil prices of 2015, which saw many of its leading industry leaders leave the business for good. Kevin Corrigan has been providing solutions, guidance and technical support for over 40 years; from the boom years of the North Sea to the recent developments in unconventional reservoirs around the world. The company is committed to technical excellence and to using its global experience to make new discoveries and to enhance existing developments realise their full potential.

At nearly every level of evaluation, the picture changes with further understanding. Corrigan Petrophysics Limited is here to provide answers to questions, to recommend directions to take your new ventures and exploration, in order to maximise the chance of success, and to recognise the upside potential of reserves in any given reservoir.

By choosing Corrigan Petrophysics Limited you gain access to experience across the globe, most likely covering the areas of your concern, from conventional reservoirs, complex carbonates, thinly-bedded and fractured formations to the latest deep-water plays in North and South America, the Gulf of Mexico, East and West Africa, Middle East and Australasia.

Contact us to learn more about how Corrigan Petrophysics Ltd could enhance your portfolio of assets.