Petrophysical Consultant
Petrophysical Support



Often the true value of Petrophysics is not fully realised when evaluating a new exploration play. Known well results and previous reviews from earlier years are taken at face value as being the truth when, in reality, a clearer understanding of the well and the new opportunity could realise a different story through the use of better analytical techniques and closer integration with geology and geophysics.


We have helped companies realise the full potential of their assets, taking them from exploration plays to development opportunities in a very short time by encouraging the integration of regional well data to enhance the understanding of the play.

Field Development and Production

Field Appraisal and Development

Appraisal and development of an asset, and the necessary detailed reporting, require a consistent and high level of analysis, integrating all the available well and field data: wireline,  LWD, core reports and studies, geochemistry, fluid analyses and formation pressure data, as well as integrating closely with all other disciplines working in the Field.

We have provided companies with comprehensive studies to bring a clearer picture and further understanding with often enhanced volumetrics with which to improve the appraisal and development scenarios under scrutiny.



We work with Industry experts versed in the finer details of Field Unitisation, and can provide Independent Experts and Expert Witnesses for all Unitisation studies